Creator Bio

Megan Fitzgerald

As a critical writer, I strive to be honest and truthful with the opinions I give and provide a clear argument to offer readers insight into the item being reviewed. I hope anyone who reads my reviews finds that they are both entertaining and helpful to read. 

A critic must create honest and truthful reviews that allow readers to know whether they should watch, read, listen or purchase the item being reviewed. Critics should always be truthful when reviewing an item but never cruel. Reviewing is still very relevant today and critics play an important role in our society. They act as the eyes, ears, and taste testers for the audience they are writing for and have the power to influence public opinion on certain topics. As more sites such as GoodReads and Rotten Tomatoes develop and allow people to give their own reviews, critics must break away from the crowd and stand out as trusted voices for the public. 

This course has allowed me to develop a unique critical eye that helps me look at different types of art forms in a new light. I have gained more confidence in sharing my honest opinions and using my creativity to formulate and present my thoughts to the public. I am not afraid to give my opinion, however, I try to never be cruel with my reviews. I have also learned that in order to review an art form, a reviewer must look at multiple components in order to formulate their argument. It is important to highlight both the positives and negatives of the item being reviewed in a way that supports the argument the reviewer is trying to make. Overall, this course has allowed me to grow as both a writer and a critical thinker, something that I will always be grateful for. 

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